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Welcome to the Homeowners Association (“HOA”) of Bearspaw Country Estates.


The HOA is a society that was incorporated under the Societies Act (Alberta) in December 2005 by the initial developer of the Community. The developer filled the role of the directors and officers of the HOA from 2005 until March 7, 2013, when the first annual meeting of the Community was held, and a Board of Directors consisting of volunteer Owners was elected.  The Board of Directors are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of the HOA.


The HOA was established to own, operate, and protect community-based amenities, and to maintain a high standard of maintenance for our common areas.

The objectives of the HOA are to manage all community amenities. This includes the management, repair and maintenance, the addition of amenity features and organized community events. Further details can be found on the HOA Bylaws.The Board strives to meet these objectives with meaningful input our community members in our annual survey.

All Homeowners are eligible to participate as a board member where they can carry out the objectives of the HOA, in directing and facilitating the operations. The Board is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. Each year the Board of Directors establishes a budget to cover the capital and operating expenses for the Community for the current year. 

The HOA is Here for You

The HOA is here to serve residents – if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.



The Board of Directors was elected at the most recent Home Owners Association and consists of the following Directors:

Alexis Vince_edited.jpg



I moved into the neighborhood with my husband in 2013 and have since grown our family with two little ones; we all thoroughly enjoy each day of acreage life in Bearspaw Country Estates. I joined our HOA Board in 2016, took on the role of Vice President in 2021 and have been President since 2022. It has been such a pleasure to work for this community that we love and bring my professional expertise to help mature and streamline the Board’s operations and enhancement projects. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to give back and help look after our incredible community.

Rob Mitchell_edited_edited.jpg



I moved to Bearspaw Country Estates back in the summer of 2009 with my partner, James so we have lived here since almost the beginning of the community.  I am passionate about making the area somewhere we are proud to live and helping to build a strong community feeling.




My husband and I moved into the community in the spring of 2021.  We are pet lovers, avid gardeners and hobby beekeepers so acreage life suits us best.  I joined the board in 2023 with the goal of having a safe, beautiful and connected community for all who live here.




My husband and I built then moved into our home here in 2017.  We love the peace and tranquility of our community, the views, and watching all of the animals that wander through.  As a Board member since 2023, I use my expertise as a real estate investment firm owner to help make Bearspaw Country Estates the best and most beautiful place to live.



To come ....




My family moved into the community in the spring of 2022 with our two large dogs. We love the outdoors and wanted to have a space that offered us an opportunity to enjoy the peace and quite of the country while still have a community around us. I joined the board in April 2023 with a primary interest of ensuring that our community has beautiful common places with a strong sense of connection to each other.

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